LindaVerse Getting Started: Registration Process

4 min readMar 28, 2024

This is meant to be a simple step-by-step guide on registering your LindaVerse account to begin playing

The process of registering an account requires two main points:

  1. Signup with an email & password
  2. Binding a single wallet address to your account

First you should always remember to interact with the game through our official website:

Otherwise you leave yourself vulnerable to scams, phish attempts, and other potentially malicious actors.

Once you’re on our website, scroll down to the gaming section and you will find a button link to direct you to our game. You should access the game via a web browser.

After perhaps a brief load, you will come to the main menu screen. Clicking play will prompt you to login:

Main menu
The login screen

Step 1:

Your first step is to Sign Up for an account if you have not done so yet. To do this, enter in your email on the top field and a password on the bottom field. Then click the green signup button to register. If there are no problems, you will see a green success message.

After signing up

Now that you signed up, go ahead and click the purple button to Login. There should be a green message indicating that you have successfully log into your account.

After a successful login

Step 2:

The next step is to connect your wallet. Note that this binds the wallet address to your account. Hover over the Question Mark (?) to see the warning message.

Alright so to link your wallet address to your account, you will need to connect your wallet and sign a message. You will need a crypto wallet such as MetaMask installed. Important note: signing the message is NOT a transaction but rather to verify that you are in fact the wallet address owner of the (EOA). If it prompts you for a transaction instead of signing a message, it is likely that you’re on a phishing site. Do not sign the transaction! Exit and run away.

Connect into your wallet
Connect into your wallet

Below you will see a screenshot of what the message will look like:

Wallet should prompt you to sign a message

Metamask (or your preferred wallet) will prompt you to sign a message to verify you as the owner of your wallet address along with a nonce and timestamp for added security.

Once you double check everything and successfully sign the message, you will have verify your wallet. You should see another green success message. Also, you should notice that your username is now changed to your wallet address.

With your wallet binded, this also acts as an inherent security layer like a built in 2FA as you will need both your login and specific wallet to access your account.

That’s it. You’re all done! Now you can start playing. Click the Home icon down at the bottom corner to go back to the main menu. Clicking “Play” should now take you to the game.

Closing remarks

Please note that it’s Alpha Version so there’s still things that needs to be polished up. However we successfully integrated different technology stacks together into a fully playable game. This lay strong foundation for future improvements, expansions, and faster implementation of new games. Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

The game has been tested on both MacOS and Windows and while technically the game runs on both, we highly recommend to only play on a Windows pc. There’s a graphic buffer flaw only relevant to MacOS that causes a pretty horrid lag and basically makes the game unplayable on the browser. Again we advise to play on the browser with a Windows computer. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may present. As it stands, the game has only been tested for the web browser.

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